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【2 in 1 Squeeze Design】New silicone brush and 2 in 1 oil dispenser, dropper and silicone brush are made of food grade PP, the three-layer short bristle brush has no odor, no deformation, no lint. Just squeeze the head to absorb the oil, these edible oil bottles easily control the oil consumption, prevent waste, easy to use and not easy to damage.

【Food Grade Material】The oil dispenser is made of food grade transparent glass and silicone material, the edible oil bottle is safe, tasteless and durable. Silicone brushes are heat resistant up to 250°C and are safe for extremely hot food. The unique dropper design, gently squeeze the head to absorb oil, collect it without dripping on the table, and easily check the remaining amount of soy sauce.

【Easy to Clean】The oil dispenser consists of several parts, each of which can be disassembled and cleaned separately, the olive oil dispenser can be washed with detergent and tap water, and the edible oil bottle is safer to wash in the dishwasher, rather than plain and easy to maintain . The olive oil dispenser is also easy to install, and the brush can also be used on its own.

【Easy to Use】Firstly, you can inject oil from the big mouth of the glass oil dispenser, secondly, squeeze the silicone tip, the oil will rise from the straw to the transparent space, then you can squeeze the tip made of silicone again to spread oil and bake food, The transparent storage space of the measuring stick allows you to control the amount of oil and bring convenience to your life.

【Multi Purpose】The oil brush and oil dispenser are used for baking or cooking without dealing with messy oil droplets. Easily wrap meat or fish when frying or grilling for extended periods without frequent greasing. Thereby controlling the amount of oil, suitable for cooking, frying, frying all kinds of food, including meat, candy, vegetables and more! Apply quickly to food to reduce brush soaking.

Material: PP+silicone+glass

Size: 18*6.45cm

Capacity: 180ml

Packing List:
1 * Glass Oil Bottle with Silicone Brush

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