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Product Description:
Switch type: pull wire type
Fabric: high quality double-sided crystal velvet
Material: carbon fiber heating wire
Temperature control mode: five speed intelligent thermostatic controller
Stable voltage: 220V / 50
Powered by:UK plug
Rated power: 28W
Product color: white
Constant temperature time: automatic shutdown after 1 hour
Temperature 30℃-60℃
It can relieve back pain, waist pain, and abdominal pain, and the temperature is constant.

Usage: 1. connect the plug then connect the power cord.
2.Use the switch to adjust the gear you need for heating.
3.The best time for physiotherapy is 1 hour. Drink plenty of water during physiotherapy.
4.After use, unplug the power.
1. Do not fold it, use it without crumpling, and do not insert pins.
2. Do not use the switch or temperature controller when it is wet.
3. Do not allow people who cannot take care of themselves, infants or children who are not sensitive to heat to use. This product should not be used by children unless parents or guardians have set it in advance, or have given children sufficient guidance on how to use it.
4. This appliance must not be used for animals.
5. Do not expose to the sun, bake, or iron, to avoid damage to the insulation of the heating wire.
6. The appliance cannot be used on an adjustable bed. If the appliance is to be used on an adjustable bed, check whether the appliance and the thread will be wrinkled or stuck.
7. Avoid creases on the appliance, and always check the appliance surface and power cord for signs of wear or damage. If there is such a phenomenon, or the appliance has been misused, return it to the company before the next use service.
8. When not in use, let the appliance cool down before folding, fold it according to the folding method of our company, store it in a dry place, and do not press heavy objects on it, causing the appliance to crease. When using it again, you should carefully check the blanket surface, controller and power cord for any abnormalities. If there is any abnormality, you must not use it with power. You should immediately return it to our company for repair.
9. If it is found that the power cord is damaged, in order to avoid danger, it may not be repaired or replaced without permission. It must be returned to the manufacturer and repaired by professionals.
10. The user’s power lines must be equipped with reliable protection devices (such as effective fuse links, air switches, etc.) to avoid extreme conditions (such as metal cutters cutting the power cord, pulling the power cord brutally, or twisting the power cord to cause the interior of the power cord Accidents caused by short circuits).
11. Do not use it when the blanket is overheated locally, the switch is out of control, the heat is severe, or the casing is deformed or broken.
12. This product has a fuse link. When the product operates abnormally and causes overheating, the fuse link will fuse and the switch will not work when it is automatically cut off. It cannot be restored by resetting. It must be returned to the factory for repair.
13. It is forbidden to put the appliance on the bedding, sofa or leather products for heating, and it is strictly forbidden to cover it during the heating process.
14. Prolonged high-temperature heating is prohibited, and the energization time is about 1 hour.
15. Remember to disconnect the power if you need to leave during heating.
16. Wrinkle, stack and fold are strictly prohibited to avoid overheating and danger.

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Dimensions 28 × 26.5 × 12.5 cm


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